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Jan Welvaet Fashion GalleryThe Jan Welvaert Fashion Gallery

JAN WELVAERT is a well established brand which has always surprised the industry with freedom within the seasons. He shows his collections when he feels ready and has done this for more than 28 years. He has the experience, the know-how and is an exeptional colorist and fabric connoisseur.
Jan Welvaert is moving away from purely the seasonal and brings complimentory items during the seasons. It has become a cult-label for the fashionable soul who loves to shop and find a special garment.

THE BRAND is profiling itself as a medium to high priced luxury label wich customises its garments to the needs of the clients. Working with high quality fabrics with great tactile feel and comfort.

THE GALLERY is a conceptual fashion idea, where you can buy high quality labels such as Bill Tornade, Jan Welvaert woman, Hosio, Vismaya, No Ko Boy by Jan Welvaert, Hedral, Meryem Hassen Etc, and positions itself in a market for wearable but conceptual fashion.
The Jan Welvaert Fashion Gallery stands for seasonal collections for men and women with complimentory items being shown within the seasons from his own brands and from other luxury collections.
The Jan Welvaert Fashion Gallery is more than a physical store and gives it’s clients fashion advice and a perfect customised service. It offers this in a perfect Belle Epoque styled store where shopping feels like a relaxing past-time.

THE ARTS: the Gallery also is a place where other arts and metiers meet. Art and fashion are complimentory. From time to time exhibitions, happenings, shows and nocturnes brighten up the place. The Jan Welvaert Fashion Gallery is closely monitored on the Facebook page. It is faster updated and the latest trends and news are shown there.

THE ONLINE STORE is a special place where some standard items can be bought or ordered. It provides the means to obtain a Jan Welvaert luxury garment from the special range. It is the perfect introduction to our high quality label and is an incentive to visit our Gallery.

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Jan Welvaert Concept Store

Jan Welvaert Concept Store

Jan Welvaert Concept Store